Naples breaks the record for the world's longest pizza

18 May 2016

1,853.88 meters of Neapolitan pizza made in the splendid seafront setting of Via Caracciolo for an unforgettable evening organized by Napoli Pizza Village and Mulino Caputo.

The World Guinness Record for the longest pizza has been set in Naples, the birthplace of pizza, surpassing the one previously set by Milan's Expo in 2015. Tradition, taste and passion, these are the ingredients of this success. The record was set in in Naples on May 18 as part of the event "L'unione fa la pizza… più lunga del mondo" ("United we… make the world's longest pizza").

1,853.88 meters of Neapolitan pizza made in the splendid seafront setting of Via Caracciolo for an unforgettable evening organized by Napoli Pizza Village with the patronage of the Municipality of Naples and the Univerde Foundation, and with the collaboration of Mulino Caputo, the renowned local flour producer, and APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani), the Neapolitan pizza makers association.

The previous record for the longest pizza was 1,595.45 m and was set during the Expo 2015 world food fair in Milan, in June of the last year.

Only selected PDO ingredients from the Campania region, as required by the officially approved TSG production method, were used to make this very special pizza: 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2,000 kg of mozzarella, 200 litres of oil and 30 kg of basil.

The record winning dough, made with the Caputo Blu Pizzeria flour for an unprecedented 40 cm wide pizza, was cooked in five special mobile wood-burning ovens with a 2 meters opening, each representing a continent and specifically made for the occasion. Each of the five ovens was used to cook a tract of 400 meters of pizza at a speed of about 100 meters per hour.

The real winner of this challenge of love and flavours is the teamwork of the many pizza makers, bearers of the Italian taste in the world, who came to Naples from all the five continents in a warm atmosphere of brotherhood among peoples.

An unforgettable celebration to pay homage to the most well-known Italian dish in the world, currently in the running to be included in the Unesco's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, applications for which have also been collected during the event.

The evening was coloured by entertainment and animation and ended with the certification of the world record by the official representatives of the Guinness World Records, which monitored the creation of the winning pizza through all phases of its preparation.

In addition to the historic achievement of the world record, the evening had an invaluable significance for the promotion of the art of Neapolitan pizza makers and pizza itself, as well as the supply chain of the products of our territory.

The celebration continued with the most beautiful and convivial ritual, the free tasting of the winning pizza by the audience made of citizens, tourists, professionals and enthusiasts who did not want to miss this historic event.

This world record pizza event was not only about the Guinness but also about solidarity: more than 500 slices of pizza were donated to Camper Onlus, to the Italian Red Cross and to the Sant'Egidio Community, who distributed a hot meal to those in need.

The world record for the longest pizza brings pride to the whole city of Naples, a land with a great food culture, and celebrate those who have worked together to make possible this achievement.

A challenge made of love and strong attachment to our roots and of respect for the most authentic traditions that make us unique in the eyes of the whole world.