What does it mean to be a contemporary pizza maker in Naples? The lesson of LSDM

15 July 2020

The world of pizza world experienced a really intense evolution in the last 10 years. Let's explore together the new nuances of the pizza world!

<<The world of pizza world experienced a really intense evolution in the last 10 years.>>

These were words chosen yesterday by an enthusiastic Luciano Pignataro to introduce LSDM's master class dedicated to the contemporary White Art: a model that by now goes side by side with that of the traditional pizza. Let's explore together the new nuances of the pizza world!

<<Until not many years ago, pizzerias were open only for lunch - continues Pignataro - they were considered service venues. Today, perception has changed and they are to all intents and purposes entertainment venues with more and more extra, from the quality of the menu to wine and beer sommeliers.>>
That outlined by the journalist and blogger is therefore a world in complete transformation and that follows a path of increasing specialization, as is happening in the world of technology.

But just as in the hi-tech world there is no innovation without tradition - i.e. we would never have the smartphone without inventing the phone before - so contemporary pizza and classic pizza do not compete, but look with confidence at each other.

So what are the steps of this partner dance?

Let's see what we learnt yesterday at LSDM from 3 pizza makers young and bursting of ideas like Vincenzo Iannucci, Vincenzo Capuano and Raffaele Bonetta who have traced the identikit of the contemporary pizza maker.
Here are their characteristics.

  • Curiosity: in a world increasingly stimulated by the web and with consumers more and more aware - according to Vincenzo Iannucci, Mulino Caputo's Nuvola Specialist - the contemporary pizza maker has developed an attitude to research and experimentation both for the dough and the topping.
  • Mania for the doughs. "The contemporary White Art does not follow unique rules, as with the same ingredients you can have dozens of different solutions". For Raffaele Bonetta of Pizzeria Charly, the dough is the real uniform and identity of a contemporary pizza maker.
  • Continuous exchange. Raffaele Bonetta adds also that the dialogue is the key to contemporaneity. A dialogue that joins the pizza makers in a network letting them to confront with new experiences such as those of the haute cuisine, in order to acquire more skills in terms of ingredients and cooking..
  • Work replicability. For Vincenzo Capuano of the Neapolitan pizzeria of the same name, the continuous study and thought about the dough leads to define and optimize the procedures and therefore to have a dough that is always the same all around the world.

<<Between traditional and contemporary pizza makers therefore there is no split - concludes Antimo Caputo. These are artisans with different needs and fortunately today companies like Mulino Caputo are able to offer specific products suitable for each dough. The common thread in the history of pizza it is now the flour!>>