Fior di Riso: where, how, when and why

26 September 2020

Fior di Riso, the gluten-free rice flour suitable for many different uses.

Mulino Caputo’s gluten-free family consists of 3 products designed to make life easier for artisans working on gluten-free doughs and recipes: let's discover together how to use the Fior di Riso, the multipurpose from Mulino Caputo.

The gluten shield is the binder and elasticizer of flour-based doughs and preparations.
But can we renounce to it without affecting the taste and pleasure to the palate?

Mulino Caputo certainly thinks so!
Indeed, the mission of the Mill of Naples is to put on the market products that are good for everyone. Products that makes possible sharing a meal even with not gluten-intolerant people, but without sacrificing flavor and tradition.

Mulino Caputo has therefore developed a whole range of products suitable for every type of artisan use!

Fiore glut is the deglutinated flour, ideal in kitchen and for pizzerias and pastry shops (see here for more about it).

Active Dry Yeast, a live product, immediately effective without any further steps needed to trigger the leavening and above all naturally free of gluten and lactose (see here for more about it).

and Fior di Riso, the gluten-free rice flour suitable for many different uses.

The word Fiore is present here too to indicate continuity with the Neapolitan tradition as the flour is called in Neapolitan dialect 'o ciore', literally meaning the flower.
Fior di Riso from Mulino Caputo has many uses.

Here are some examples.

  • The dusting. Tradition teaches us to match dusting with semolina. In the art of gluten-free pizza, Fior di Riso is optimally suitable to replace the semolina in this important step as it is impalpable and tasteless and it doesn’t fly off, making it an excellent work companion for the traditional pizza too.
  • Patisserie. Fior di Riso is an excellent ally both for gluten-free pastry and to prepare soft and velvety creams and puddings, not necessarily for gluten-intolerant people only. But why set a limit to your imagination? Rice flour is also great for preparing delicious biscuits and cakes!
  • Frying. Do you know that the Japanese prepare their legendary tempura with rice flour? The result? Perfect browning, crunchiness, softness to the palate, and above all a much drier frying. Not only for those who have problems with gluten!
  • Kitchen: rich in starch, rice flour is suitable for gastronomic preparations, sauces and creamy preparations too!

In short, Fior di Riso is an important piece that tells the philosophy of Mulino Caputo: a company always at the side of craftsmen who study specific products suitable for every need in kitchen, pizzeria and pastry shop.

What are we preparing today? Discover all the possibilities of the color palette of the Mill of Naples!