The Christmas revolution of the desserts of 'I dolci delle Feste dei Grandi Interpreti 2018'

15 July 2019

I Dolci delle Feste dei Grandi Interpreti - the event signed by Caputo that paints with newness the sweetest season of the year.

The gates of Christmas have been opened this year, too, by I dolci delle Feste dei Grandi Interpreti - the event signed by Caputo that paints with newness the sweetest season of the year. Come and taste the art of our master pastry chefs.

Does tradition can rhyme with innovation? Those two terms may seem very different, but this year the master confectioners of Mulino Caputo have shown that the circle always closes when two opposites touch each other.

For this 2018 edition of I Dolci delle Feste dei Grandi Interpreti, the chosen theme was a must, the "struffoli" – the traditional small balls of honey-enriched dough deep fried and then scattered with pine nuts and sugar sprinkles: a classic sweet, but unexpectedly interpretable in a thousand different ways.
Here are the variants crafted by our craftsmen.

Salvatore Gabbiano of Pasticceria Gabbiano Dulcis in Pompeii follows innovation, but keeping faithful to tradition - or rather to history, as he likes to say. His struffoli are a lemon and orange citrus explosion, in a hug of hazelnut sablé tartlet that energizes with a burst of chromatic energy.

Fruity innovation for Salvatore Capparelli from Pasticceria Capparelli which this year proposes a classic recipe with struffoli made with flour Pizzeria, enhanced with a touch of Amalfi lemon nuances.

Revolution is the name of the creation of Pasquale De Simone, pastry chef of the Renaissance Hotel Mediterraneo. The revolution that inspires our pastry chef is both that of the great planetary movements and the sweet one. In De Simone's recipe, it is actually the struffoli tradition which is itself turned upside down, with little balls of honey mousse covered with chopped struffoli.

Luigi Biasetto of Pasticceria Biasetto brought instead to 'I dolci delle Feste dei Grandi Interpreti' the French revolution of his macarons and their colors, cheerful like the glee of Christmas and Naples.

The chocolate struffoli are the great novelty presented precisely in Naples by the pastry chef of Costa d'Amalfi, Sal de Riso that combines cocoa beans, classic millefiori honey and candied oranges.

White is the color of the struffoli ofMario Di Costanzo from Di Costanzo Patisserie. A special recipe, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also for taste, as the butter is replaced by olive oil, while flour is, as always, the Sacco Rosso from Mulino Caputo.

Beehive of goodness, the cake of Gianluca Ranieri and Ciro Spina of Pasticceria Ranieri is an innovative mix of Christmas ingredients, assembled with great delicacies! From sponge cake, to ricotta cream with chocolate and orange flakes, to the soft crunchy of almonds and pistachios, in this recipe, based on Caputo Classica flour, the sweets chase each other for a truly amazing final flavor.

The innovation proposed by Salvatore Tortora from Caffetteria Etoile is the struffoli non struffoli called Struffolina. Creamy with honey on almond shortbread, with a brunoise of annurca apple and addition of lime. The result? A harmony that attenuates the sweetness with a fresh note to be fully tasted.

With Struffolo 3.0, Marco Infante of Pasticceria Casa Infante rides the innovation through an addition - that of the 3 classics contained in his recipe: cannoli, cassata and struffoli. Struffolo 3.0 has in fact the shape of a cannoli, but the base is struffoli dough with a stuffing of ricotta, sprinkles, honey, naspro icing and candied cherries. 3 icons in the beat of a bite.

And which is your true Christmas revolution? Whatever your challenge, with Mulino Caputo you will always find the right flour to succeed!