What is the key to success for a pizza chef? Some food for thought from #pizzaward2018

15 July 2019

And what is your top list for the success? Find out what the finalists of #pizzaaward 2018 think

While following #pizzaaward, the Pizza Oscar held by Mysocialrecipe and Mulino Caputo awarded yesterday, October 16th, during an Gala Awards ceremony at Palazzo Caracciolo, we asked ourselves which is the right recipe for becoming an Oscar-winning pizza chef is. And what is your top list for the success? Find out what the finalists of #pizzaaward 2018 think

In a night full of stars like that at Palazzo Caracciolo, we could not avoid to ask ourselves what is the most important recipe: the recipe to become a successful pizza chef. And who to pass this question, if not to the 10 international promises of the world pizza here at #pizzaaward 2018?

"To turn a pizza maker into a successful craftsman, you need emotions - not just those that you feel while working, but above all those given by the magic of a recipe!"
Let's start with the champion, Stefano Miozzo, from the Venetian Pizzeria Cerea, who won the Oscar with the Valpoterra pizza, a specialty dressed with Robiola soft-ripened cheese, Culatello salami, Amarone wine and truffles, following the traditions of his native region!
"In this path, however, the co-star is always the ingredient that deserves half of the merit for the result of a recipe, together with the work of a pizza maker."

Typicality of raw materials, quality, but above all accuracy and absence of improvisation are the ingredients of success of a pizza maker according to Natale Allegra, creative father of Il profumo del mare e dei monti” (sea and mountains scent) a naturally leavened pizza dressed with some of the best of Southern Italy, like the Stracciatella di Burrata cheese, Bronte Pistachio and shrimps from Mazara.

That of Diego Tafone is a family of pizza makers since generations and is the author of Pizza Pascalina, the pizza created for the Progetto Pascale initiative for the fight against cancer. Diego has choose the flour Tipo 1 of Mulino Caputo as his health banner with a recipe dressed with broccoli rabe from Campania, tomatoes, olives, walnuts and EVO oil and that gives funds for research. A pizza chef so good-hearted could only put the passion on the top of the podium!

Sara Palmieri has won the #pizzaaward2018 with two awards, one for gluten-free pizza and a second for the women category. Her relationship with success is that of a woman who has been able to transform a food intolerance into the motor of her career. She took part in the #pizzaaward with her "Traditions" a gluten-free recipe with sliced tomatoes, mixed cheeses and Ufita garlic.

"More than a job, mine is a battle, as I started from my direct experience with the celiac disease - says Sara – and the ingredients are very important, but it is the hand and the head of the pizza maker that brings the excellence into the dish!"

And you what do you think? Which is the key to success for you? Tell us your recipe!