The latest events in which we were protagonists

Mulino Caputo consolidates its presence in the media
In the kitchen with Caputo there is now the most stainless couple on Italian TV :)
The new Caputo logo is the beginning of a chapter of renewal in the name of values: to always grow in the name of excellence.
The sixth edition of San Gennà took place on Monday 11 September at the Palazzo Petrucci restaurant in via Posillipo: a dessert for San Gennaro, the pastry contest which is now a traditional act of love towards the patron saint of Naples, to whom the Popular culture has not dedicated specific recipes for centuries.
The Miller's New Year is a celebration with many meanings, but it is also the time when we take stock and make new agreements for the work to come.
Jun Huan Yu is the 20th STG Pizza World Champion, at the Caputo Trophy: let's get to know him a little more.