Can I have some Caputo gadgets or merchandising?

We do not directly distribute Caputo gadgets (or outfits): contact your trusted supplier directly. In case of news on distribution methods, we will update you here, or on our social channels.

What is the origin of Caputo grains?

We select the best of the grains: Italy has an orographic conformation that is not very suitable for wheat fields, which require large plains, and a latitude that does not allow the growth of grains for "strong" flours (like Manitoba), the only ones suitable to long leavening periods and which only grow in very cold lands. For this reason we choose Italian and foreign grains, meticulously selecting the best ones, always traceable and non-GMO and we grind them slowly, to give you stable flours that retain all their nutritional properties.

What type of grinding is done to obtain Caputo flours?

Our precise choice is that of grinding with cast iron cylinders and a process called "buttery", because it is the real way to obtain a flour with a truly well-calibrated grain size (necessary to make the results stable) and to preserve the nutritional properties of the grain. Other types of treatment are traumatic for the grains, and seriously risk losing their nutritional qualities. The grinding we choose is slow to allow the flours to remain cold and not lose nutrients (other methods such as stone grinding heat the product with friction). Caputo chooses technological progress to respect tradition 100%: Mugnai's word!

Where can I buy Caputo flours?

IF YOU ARE AN ENTHUSIAST: We have strengthened our distribution throughout Italy: you can find us in the best chain stores.
IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL: contact us on This Page.

How can I make a complaint if there are storage problems?

Sometimes, due to unsuitable conservation processes, inconveniences can arise. We recommend that you talk to your shopkeeper or supplier if the flour shows any type of problem as soon as it is opened. If you want, you can also report the purchase and other items to us in the contact section.

How can I collaborate or work with Mulino Caputo?

We always evaluate possible innovations and professional figures for the growth of the Mill. If you want to propose a collaboration, or are interested in working with us, send your proposal or application to 🙂

How to best store Caputo flours?

Store our flours in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat or humidity. This is very important to minimize the risk of them deteriorating. Be more careful in the summer. On our bags you will find instructions for perfect conservation.

How long should I let the dough rest with this flour?

For the classic "Neapolitan dough", the ideal would be to allow yourself approximately 72 hours divided as follows:

  • 48 hours in the fridge
  • 24 hours room temperature approx. 22 degrees

What are the advantages of long leavening?

Gluten, with a balanced ratio of extensibility, strength and elasticity, is ideal for processing in pizzerias, pastry shops and in the kitchen by chefs. Dry and heat-insulated environment. Ideal for doughs that require long resting times and prolonged leavening in refrigerator cells.

What is shelf life?

Shelf-life literally means "shelf life" and is used to indicate the commercial life of the product, i.e. the time that elapses between production and consumption of the product itself without there being any risk to the consumer's health.