The news of the Miller's New Year 2023

The Miller's New Year is a celebration with many meanings, but it is also the time when we take stock and make new agreements for the work to come.

The Miller's New Year is a celebration with many meanings: the end of a year of work, the beginning of a new commitment, the arrival of new wheat in the mills, with its natural scent. But it is also the moment in which balance sheets are taken and new agreements are made for the work to come. The 2023 edition of the festival was also like this: a well-stocked portfolio of novelties and presences.

The first great revolution of 2023 is the collaboration of the Grano Nostrum supply chain with the Faculty of Agriculture of the Federico II University of Naples. The research was conducted aiming at optimizing the yield of the fields, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Therefore, in a first step, the quantity of fertilizers was reduced in favor of innovative and green biostimulations. This year, the second step of the project was implemented by changing the sowing time, moving from autumn sowing to late sowing even at the end of February. To obtain equal production, in less time, only biodiversity was used, choosing alternative and early wheat varieties.

And here comes the second novelty of the 2023 edition of the Miller's New Year: a request for closeness to politics, which was present at the event, with the interventions of the President of the Chamber Lorenzo Fontana and the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida.

And the reassurance comes directly from Minister Lollobrigida, who announces the 17 million euros allocated exclusively to support the soft wheat supply chain, from the food sovereignty fund.

The food sovereignty fund is an instrument created to protect national short supply chains, preventing excessive outsourcing of work from opening up disturbing scenarios in the event of political instability.

<<It is important to encourage the supply chains that are most needed” – explains Minister Lollobrigida – “and agriculture is even defined as the primary sector, and not only for sustenance, but also in historical, cultural and belonging terms.> >

A concrete promise therefore sealed at the Miller's New Year, a serious commitment to do more for a sector that can offer so much, also in terms of employment.

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